Dark Triad Personalities, Interpersonal Relationships and Workplace Behavior: A Brief Review of the Extant Literature

1Ohood Merair, Tabassum Rashid


Researchers have been increasingly interested in studying "dark traits" over the past few decades, particularly in relation to workplace behaviors and interpersonal relationship contexts. The Dark Triad (DT) is one spectrum of dark traits that has received unique attention among researchers. The Dark Triad (DT) is consisted of three deceptive characteristics, which are psychopathy, narcissism, and machiavellianism. The aim of this study was to briefly examine the relationship between Dark Triad and workplace behavior and interpersonal relationships in the existing literature. The selected literature on the impact of DT traits on the results of organizational and interpersonal relationships is presented. This work begins with an introduction on Dark Triad personalities where the definition of each personality was presented. Next, the review delves into the visibility of Dark Triads in workplace. Likewise, the review then covers connection between Dark Triads and general traits. Furthermore, this review has presented the existence of Dark Triads in relationship and the final section has discussed the characteristics of Dark Triads and organizational performances. The review concludes that Dark Triads is interpersonal and organizational related and distinguishing it is very important for better management.


Dark Triad, personalities, narcissism, machiavellianism, psychopathy, organization

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