An Assessment of the Impact of Cocoa Flavonoid on Health

1Afnan Alsulimani, Saddiga Al-Ghalib,Amal Elyas


The birthplaces of chocolate are exceptionally old, followed back to the Maya people, who were most likely the first to develop the cacao plant, in 400 AD. Chocolate comes from cocoa beans, the fruit of the cacao tree or the scientific name Theobroma. Chocolate has important healthy properties. Organic dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa seeds or flavonoid (70% and more) can have an impact on the cognitive functions, and prevent age related neurodegeneration and cognitive declines in memory and learning, especially for elder people. Flavonoids can clash neuronal injury that can cause neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer and Parkinson disorders. Also, flavonoids can be preventive to some chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and diabetes, because it has an extended variety of biological impacts. Therefore this study identifies the impact of cocoa flavonoid on health through review study and the finding shows that consuming average amounts regularly is the main key to benefit the brain functions.


Healthy Effects, Cocoa, Chocolate, Flavonoids, Memory, Cognitive Functions, Alzheimer, Cardiovascular, Insulin Resistance, Dementia

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