A Review of Constituents Factors of Substance Abuse among Youth

1Amna Abdulaziz Haider, Yousaf Jamal


The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between substance abuse and youth especially in the transitional period from high school to college by using many articles from old to modern empirical researchers and experimental researchers in the literature review. This research has noted that youth substance abuse is associated with child abuse, neglect, rape, bad parenting skills, ethnicity, gender, and by the influence of friends who abuses a substance. Also, it’s been noted to be associated with school dropout, failure, and low GPA because of being intoxicated all the time and might affect developing a mental disorder. Interventions are the best solution to treating substance abuse in youngster as there are some well-developed interventions to eliminate risk factors leading to substance abuse which able young individuals to improve their lives and live happily by promoting positive aspects of emotional development not only by focusing on treating the substance abuse disorder but on the mental health of the adolescents afterwards and on preventing a relapse from happening.


Substance Abuse, Youth, Adolescents

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IssueSpecial Issue 1