Influence of Service Quality and Switching Barrier toward Customer Loyalty: A Study of Saudi Mobile Telecommunication Services

1Yomen Ghazii Bamatraf, Tabassum Rashid


The Saudi telecommunication services industry is experienced many criticisms regarded the internet cost and speed. Hence, the industry is shifting strategic toward maintain existing customers through promotion of customer loyalty. The study aimed to determine the influence of service quality and switching barrier toward customer loyalty. The study was used a quantitative method. The study used correlation research design with survey method. The study population comprised resident in Jeddah who were subscribed to telecommunication service providers such as internet service. The study samples were people who living in Jeddah and subscribed to the telecommunication service provided that selected in this study. The primary data was collected used survey which distributed online to current users of Saudi mobile telecommunication services in Jeddah. The data was analyzed used SPSS. The statistical tools had been used included descriptive analysis, reliability test, descriptive statistics and Pearson’s correlation to evaluate the relationship between service quality and switching barriers toward customer loyalty. The result showed that there was a relationship between service quality and customer loyalty. However, there was no relationship between switching barriers and customer loyalty.


Service quality, switching barriers, customer loyalty, service provider

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