Academic Stress, Study Habits and Academic Achievement among University Students in Jeddah

1Asma Sami Alnahdi, Mariya Aftab


The study aimed to determine the relationship between academic stress with demographic variables, study habits and academic achievement among university students in Jeddah. In this study, correlational research design with survey method was used. This study conducted a study in two universities in Jeddah for different departments, inspected academic stress, study habits and academic achievement of 50 students (16 males and 34 females) undergraduates by using demographic information, the academic scale and the study habits inventory. The data was collected through survey which given to the targeted sample. The participant's responses were collected, scored coded, and analyzed using the Statistical analysis software SPSS. Correlation and t-test were applied. The results found that the females were more stressors than males. In addition, there was a significant negative correlation between academic stress and study habits which that mean more academic stress lead to have a poor study habit. Besides, there was no significant relationship between academic stress and academic achievement of university students.


Academic stress, study habit, academic achievement, demographic information, academic level

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