Assessment on Awareness of Nurses as Support Group for Women with Breast Cancer: Importance of Caregiver Role

1Fatima Al-Banawi, Tabassum Rashid


Being diagnosed with breast cancer has emotional and psychological effects on the patients. Thus, support group play a significant role in providing emotional and moral support to the patients. Thus, this work has evaluated the role of nurses as support group for breast cancer patients in Saudi Arabia. Through assessing 80 primary healthcare nurses at Al-Amoudi Breast Cancer Center and attending cancer support group sessions at the International Medical Center, this work has was able to identified psychological factors that impact the patients’ treatment outcome, with the husband as a supporter coming on the top, along with the family’s support and the willingness of the patient to recover taking second place. The responses pinpointed the reactions most frequently occurring were seeking treatment, engaging in prayer and religious rituals, searching for information about the disease as well as finding support from a loved ones. In addition to that, results showed that the most important support system after families were the nurses support group. CCS Concepts• Information systems


Nurses, support group, breast cancer, awareness, women,

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