Employee Engagement: The Underlying Factors

1Alhanouf Alarifi, Jannat Al-Abbasi


It is rare when a supervisor or a manager takes closer interest in customizing the learning process of their new employees. As time passes, this energy is deflated due to the severe lack of engagement, performance in the workplace is decreased significantly as the motivation for work declines. Hence, this work has studied the level of employee engagement in two different organizations, a senior established institution and a promising startup organization in Riyadh. The purpose was to find the important factors behind employee engagement and how to achieve a higher level of efficiency in the workplace. This paper consisted of two surveys targeting first time employees and managers in two companies, one in Jeddah and the other in Riyadh with a total of 40 participants. The survey was designed to capture responses on specific areas while maintaining a perspective of the employee’s point of view. The outcome of this work showed that the most important contributing factors emphasized by the survey were task distribution and clarity of vision, career development, approachability of supervision, work/social environment in the work place, job satisfaction and performance improvement outlook.


Employment, employee, engagement, factors, organization

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