An Empirical Study on the Powerloom Entrepreneurs Expectations towards the Enhancement of Business Ecosystem with Special Reference to Tamilnadu

1Dr.S. Sudha, K. Nathiya, N. Thamilchelvam and L. Jothibasu


The power loom sector is ultimately labour focused sector. It offers large scale employment prospects to the societies there by helps in solving unemployment problem successfully. The power loom units are usually located in semi-urban and rural zones, and support in altering the regional inequities. It has empowered the weaker segments of the society to earn their livelihood. In the present study were collected systematically both extensive primary and reliable secondary data. For collecting primary data, Convenience sampling technique was used in the study area through a structured Questionnaire. The Expectation of support from government for rehabilitating powerloom industry and the opinion regarding the scope of growth and development in power loom sector in near future etc., were also collected. The total sample size of 500 respondents was approached in Erode, Karur, Salem districts. The total populations of the power loom entrepreneurs are not available since more entrepreneurs have not registered themselves with proper authority for doing the power loom business. Non availability of the total population made the researcher to adopt non-probability sampling method under this convenience sampling techniques was used to collect the primary data.


Powerloom Entrepreneurs, Business Ecosystem, Primary Data.

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