Interconnection of Prime Service on Organization's Public Sector: A Study on Department of Demography and Civil Record of Manado City's Government North Sulawesi Province

1Itje Pangkey and Recky H.E Sendouw


The aim of this research was to analyze public service on Department of Demography and Civil Record of Manado City's Government and Childbirth Service in General Hospital of Prof. Dr. Kandouw. Method: research, qualitative method of approach case studies, researcher went directly into the field in collecting the data by asking along with interview the people concerning the service of government institute to the public in Department of Demography and Civil Record in the document service of birth certificate in Manado City and doing interview to medic in childbirth section and mother or family who did childbirth. The Data Collection Technique: in-depth interview technique was done by logical question based on guidance statement and exact target by not evoking suspicion for informant. The interview was done by getting strong intimacy. The researcher kept following as what Benny and Hughes said that to appreciate value of interview as the tool of data collection. Data Analysis Technique: qualitative data analysis, with procedure, data reduction, data presentation. The result that have been achieved on arrangement of Birth Certificate, obscurity of officer to give the document, beside that the fee in making the document was classified high (relative) must go back and forth to the hospital to get the birth reference as the requirement for Birth certificate, but the employees are not responsive to society. After analyzing the problem to increase community satisfaction index and read the theory alone with experts’ study, researcher found out SPT Dukun 3 in 1 Model (Integrated Service System of Childbirth Document and Population).


Public Service, Population Document, Community Satisfaction.

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