Measuring the Mediating Effect of Cultural Diversity: An Investigation of Strategic Leadership's Role on Innovation

1Abdulla Naser Abdulqawi Gharama, Gamal S.A. Khalifa and Ahmed Hamoud Al-Shibami


The purpose is to identify the influence of strategic leadership via the mediation of cultural diversity toward innovation in the workplace of Abu Dhabi Police administration in UAE via cultural diversity. A quantitate research approach and questionnaire procedures were followed to collect data from the UAE police administration’s employees. The self-administrative questionnaires were distributed to get valid answer from the employees. Thus, 500 questionnaires were distributed in total 100 above branches and 470 valid questionnaires were collected. PLS (Partial Least Square) was used to analysis for linear regression model by projecting the predicted variables and the observable variables to a new space to get the results and hypothesis support. The finding of the study has shown that the variables are separately reliable and valid to support this study. This study has shown the values as contributing to the innovation and leadership approaches specifically strategic leadership and innovation. The model significantly has noted to police administration in terms of future progression.


Strategic Leadership (SL), Cultural Diversity (CD), Innovation (INN).

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