Translating Characters of Women from Indonesian into German: An Appraisal Analysis of Women Images in the Indonesian Novel Lelaki Harimau and Its German Translation

1Cicufinalia, M. R. Nababan, Riyadi Santosa, D. Jatmika


Translating characters of women into the target language would definitely raise challenges and imply different cultural contexts. One of the challenges might lie in choosing appropriate translation techniques from the source language into the target language in order to produce good quality translations. Thence, this study examined the translation of women’s characters in relation to their images and assessed the quality of the translation. Accordingly, this study explored the characters of women in the Indonesian novel LelakiHarimau and in its German translation. By using Martin & Rose's appraisal theory (2007), this study identified that women characters were divided into two parts namely personal (fate, capable, resolving) and moral (truth, ethics). Moreover, this study utilized the theory of translation techniques from Molina &Albir (2002) and the translation quality assessment model from Nababan, Nuraeni&Soemardiono (2012) to elaborate on how translation techniques might have an impact on image shifts and its translation quality. Finally, this study showed that the characters of women shifted into more neutral in some portrayed cases. In addition, the use of certain translation techniques contributed significantly to the shift and the quality of the translation.


appraisal analysis, translation of women’s characters, image shifting, translation quality.

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