Terengganu Malay Dialect Control in Teaching and Learning the Dikir Barat Credited Co-curiculum based Education among University Students in Malaysia Terengganu

1Azlina Musa


This paper will discuss the control Terengganu Malay dialect in teaching and learning dikir barat credited co-curriculum based education among students of University Malaysia Terengganu in Kuala Nerus, Terengganu. Each student is placed at University Malaysia Terengganu within a specific study group come from diverse backgrounds and different regions or nation states that are not so efficient control of Terengganu Malay dialect. This paper will identify problem students in mastering the vocal sound Terengganu Malay dialect. Accordingly, this paper will examine to what extent the effectiveness of student’s ability to master the language of dikir barat and chanting fluency and Terengganu Malay dialect. In addition, the success of research is the subject of dikir barat can help students cultivate their lives in an atmosphere of learning environment that is completely surrounding community are speaking in Terengganu Malay dialect in their daily lives. Thus students who have migrated to the state of Terengganu should master the language, develop their understanding and ability to use the Terengganu dialect as one of the communication tools to facilitate daily interaction and create a harmonious relationship. The study also identifies the level of skills among the students who speak non-Malays in the Malay dialect of Terengganu in performances. Besides teaching and learning Terengganu Malay dialect in the organization of shows due to the chanting and entertained while in the classroom is a uniqueness of the credited co-curriculum based education. It is also an attempt to preserve the heritage of the local language variation within the context of the Terengganu language usage. The discussion was based on observation, interview, recording and questionnaire findings with fifty students who had enrolled in dikir barat subjects in credit curriculum education. Re-documenting this study may add further sources of reference to other researchers in the future. It can also reinforce the language, culture and society around it.


Dialect, Dikir Barat, Education.

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