Development of Model Blended Learning in Cooperative Learning for Technology and Engineering Skills in Vocational Education

1Tuti Suartini, Sisca Evlyanti, Enjang Ahmad Juanda, Aan Sukandar and Tari Pramanik


Increasing the interest and willingness of students to learn a material was determined from the behavior of students in used information communication technology. The learning model developed was a cooperative learning model based on Blended Learning. Utilization of information technology, by not leaving the pattern of direct guidance from instructors and the used of learning resources to improve literacy mastery of abilities in technology and engineering became important. The Research and Development (R&D) procedure used Blended learning cooperative learning model design in the form of online and face-to-face learning for ICT literacy subjects and learning media in the experimental and control classes. Blended Learning based cooperative learning models were carried out with scenarios namely offering participation in the experimental class, forming learning groups, and learning activities (lecturers, group tutor teams, students, evaluations).The purpose of this research is to get the quality of learning activities. In stage I, students were offered to take the experimental class and the Control class. The study was conducted by 16 students be taken for experimental classes and 21 be taken for control classes. Based on the results of the study showed that the level of mastery of literacy of ICT and media (n-gain) learning in the experimental class was higher than the control class.


Blended Learning, Cooperative Learning, Technology and Engineering.

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IssueIssue 3