Diminution Reality Objects –based on Image Depth

1Sallama Resen and Muthanna Ibrahim


Augmented Reality (AR) applications increasing popularity in a variety of industries, education, and marketing. AR techniques combined the real world with virtual objects enables Augmented Reality applications to provide a better understand and display of information for products. Diminished Reality Objects (DRO) techniques that visually eliminate real objects from AR applications. While an increasing interest in Diminution Reality technique can be observed that most of the Diminished reality research focuses on the consistency at the real–virtual and texture generated on a marker area. This paper handles the preservation depth consistency from edges and planar regions to build a depth map In order to develop DRO methods. the depth mask is built to this method has been consisting of two-stage run concurrence and each stage associated with error measuring to corrects stage. Results instantly which are Planarity and Boundary Depth techniques. Proposed method evaluated on RGB images dataset acquired by the digital camera with high-properties. The authenticity of the proposed method display in experimental results with a variety of criteria measurements.


Augmented Reality, Diminished Reality, Depth Map, Planar Regions.

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