A Study on the Issue of Orphan’s Dropping School with Reference to Mysuru District

1S. Hamsa and M.V. Raghunandan


Education status is the most vital indicator of children wellbeing and for their upcoming life opportunities. But in case of orphans it is completely different where they face many challenges to continue their education. This research covers why some bereaved children drop out of school in Mysore district regardless of concerned exertions from the government of India. It mainly focuses on the factors which are influencing orphans to drop out from schooling and also to explore the life of orphans after school dropout. The study was conducted based on random sampling method and primary data has been collected from respondents through structured questionnaire. The statistical tool which is used to analyse the objectives are Chi Square and Correlation. It is found that still many orphans are facing challenges in continuing their education due to lack of motivation, poverty, disinterested in education and personal interest to earn income and it was also found that after discontinuing their education there are unable to fulfil their basic necessities. This clearly shows that there is a need of additional efforts from the government, community members and school authorities in bringing down the dropouts’ rate.


Orphans, School dropouts, Poverty, Poor Performance.

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