Study of Biochemical Changes during Treatment of Kidney Stone and Urinary Tract Infection with Herbal Drug

1P. Nandu Baby and Dr.V. Ramesh


A fewer communal category of pebble is produced by the contamination in urinary area. This pebble is termed contamination pebble. The herbal drug has remained well-known for eras and is vastly valued everywhere in ecosphere as abounding basis of healing representatives for the anticipation of several illnesses. Current investigation was to test the biochemical test finding before and after therapy of herbal drugs in patients with the kidney stone and UTI. The investigation was based on 210 cases of Kidney disorders in Medical Lab center, from which 105 were suffering from the kidney stone, and 105 were with Urinary tract infection. Urine and Blood samples were collected from them for conducting Blood biochemical parameters and Serological test for UTI. The patients took an average of 6 tablets a day, corresponding to standard dosage procedures. Before treatment, the kidney stone groups were compared concerning the severity of stone disease with the control group. The group stone formation rates were found to have an insignificant difference with that of the control group. In the case of ‘Serum Glucose' level, it was found to have a significant difference in before and control group (89.742±1.074 and 85.81±5.63). In the current study the positive connection between biochemical parameters and herbal drugs and allopathic drugs therapy stretches maintenance to the rate of recovery in both, kidney stone and UTI. The upcoming natural herbal yields will be challenging new drugs through additional benefits of added protection as well as lesser prices.


Urinary Tract Infection, Kidney Stone, Herbal Drugs.

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