Food Loss and Food Waste: A Literature Review in 2009-2018

1Mustamin, Elimawaty Rombe, Suryadi Hadi and Gatha Vesakha


In almost the last decade, food waste and food losses have become interesting topics among researchers. This review of literacy is carried out in order to determine the extent to which research on food loss and food waste is carried out and the use of what methods are most often used. In this study the main sources of research data are sixty scientific articles over the last few years starting from 2009 to 2018 relating to food waste and waste. Search for scientific articles is done by using online search via (via ProQuest, Elsevier and Google Scholar) and using the keywords 'Food loss and food waste'. The results of the review found that research on food loss and food waste experienced an upward trend from 2011 to 2014. The comparison of the highest number of articles discussing food loss and food waste was in 2014 with seventeen scientific articles and in 2011 was the year which had the fewest articles, namely only one article. The results of the review also show that the most frequently used method is quantitative methods. There are thirty-four articles using quantitative methods and twenty-six articles using qualitative methods. It is strongly recommended further research to use qualitative methods regarding food loss and food waste.


Food Loss & Food Waste, Literature Review, Use of Methods.

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