Determinants of Acceptance Takaful Insurance in Malaysia

1Nur BaitiShafee, Shadia Suhaimi, Haniza Hashim, Siti Nurul Huda Mohamad, Zuraina Sal Salbila Mohamed and Lau Yon Wei


Malaysian Takaful industry has shown a continuous upward achievement trend in 2018 in promoting the Takaful protection value. It shows Malaysians are familiar with the Takaful concept that lead to rising of Takaful industry performance reflects a greater acceptance among Malaysians towards Takaful protection plan. The advancement and consideration given to this industry and the rising chance of the business have pulled in the conventional bank and conventional insurance to incorporate Takaful principle product in their business. This research is done to analyse the factors contribute to the acceptance of Takaful in Malaysia. The researcher distributed questionnaire to 200 respondents from various location to get the required information. To test the relationship between the factors, “Statistical Package of Social Science (SPSS”) is performed by the researcher. The findings result of this research show the key determinant that influence customer acceptance towards Takaful has been proven are subjective norm, amount of information and service qualities has significant effect the customer acceptance toward Takaful. Based on the finding from this research it is expected to contribute to the current literature in order to gain better understanding on the determinant factors that lead to Takaful acceptance of Malaysian users.


Takaful, Insurance, Islamic Product.

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