Employee Temperament As A Predictor of Workstress among Plant Turnaround Workers

1Adiza. Alhassan Musah, Zulkipli, Ghazali and Ahmad, Nizam. ShahrulIsha


Temperaments can play either a strong or a weak role in work stress. This study aims to examine the effects of the four temperament on work-related stress among plant turnaround maintenance employees. Temperament was assessed by the Temperament Inventory (TI) and work stress was assessed using questions relevant to the plant turnaround maintenance work environment. Structural equation modelling was used to test the hypotheses. Findings revealed that whereas a sanguine temperament played a defensive effect on stress, whilst choleric and phlegmatic temperaments are both susceptible to more stress. However, melancholic temperament, alternatively, showed hyper-adaptive effect in stressful situations. The results of this study suggest that it would be beneficial for employees with choleric and phlegmatic temperament to be identified due to their high susceptibility as they are likely to suffer high levels of stress. This study argues that understanding, identifying and recognizing individual genetic disposition and dispositional-related stressors by management and colleagues would help to improve the delivery of collegial and organizational level support.


Temperament, Stress, Turnaround Maintenance.

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