Explore the profile of students reading comprehensions proficiency in the universities of the KSA

1Nasser Masoud Alotaibi, Shaik Abdul Malik Mohamed Ismail


The aim of the study is to investigate the profile of universities students reading comprehensions proficiency in Saudi Arabia based on the benchmarking. To achieve this objective, the data was collected from the English students who were studying in the Saudi Arabia Universities by using a purposive sampling technique. The research design was consisting of both quantitative and qualitative approach. The analysis of the study was done based on the both perspectives, namely, descriptive and inferential. The key findings have shown, the mean score of the female as compare to male is more in the universities of Saudi Arabia which shows that the female is more as compare to male in the Saudi Arabia universities. Based on the findings of the study, current study contributed a body of literature which could become a valuable for future research. The current study also contributed a finding which could provide a guideline to the universities, educationist and policy makers to know about the importance of the English in Saudi Arabia universities and for other Arab universities. The research limitations and future directions are also discussed at the end of the study.


Adapted READS, Original Reads, Saudi Arabia, universities, performance

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