A comparative study between the adapted and original READS among the students of the Saudi Arabia

1Nasser Masoud Alotaibi, Shaik Abdul Malik Mohamed Ismail


The aim of the current study is to develop and profiling a comparison within the adapted and original READS in the students of English in the Saudi Arabia. For this purpose, the data was collected from the 100 EFL students which were studying in the universities of the Saudi Arabia. “The mixed method approach was employed which consist of both the qualitative and quantitative approach. The key findings have shown that the value of original READS is less than 0.50, then is to consider the original READS correctness insufficient. Moreover, the second question of the study was achieved through the Item Objective Congruence analysis. The value was 0.88 which was high from the assumed value which is 0.50. Therefore, the value of adapted READS is showed the suitability according to the Saudi Environment. In addition, the third research question was achieved by using the descriptive analysis as compare in the both of original and adapted READS. The key findings have shown that adapted READS have good result as compare to the original READS. The fourth research question of the study was to be achieved by using a paired sample test T-Test. Fundamentally, a comparison was performed with the results of the original and the adapted READS in the students of Saudi Arabia universities. The key findings have shown that there is a statistically significant differences are existing in respondent’s performance of the adapted READS test, as opposed to the original READS version. Thus, these findings have shown that there is difference between the adapted READS and original READS in universities students of the Saudi Arabia.”


Original READS, Adapted READS, Saudi Arabia, Universities

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