Effectiveness ofIsotonic Pelvic AbductorExercise onKnee Osteoarthritis

1Hermilawaty Abubakar RudiSoebagyo, Noor Idha Handajani


Background, Osteoarthritis (OA) is the disorder with a high prevalence of sufferers that affects joints in knees. Abdominal abductor strengthening exercises in quadriceps and hamstring muscle can reduce dynamic loading on the medial side of the knee. Besides that, the addition of isotonic quadriceps femoral muscle and pelvic joint abductor muscles is considered to have effectiveness in reducing pain perception. Objectives: This study aim to know the effect of additional isotonic exercises of femoral quadriceps through pain perception improvement, increasefemoral quadriceps strength, and increase physical function of patient with knee osteoarthritis (OA). Methods: The sample size was 20 knee OA patients. Subjects were randomly divided to isotonicexercise of femoral quadriceps plus isotonic exercise of hip abductor group and the isotonic exercise of femoral quadriceps only group. The assessment and measurement were conducted in the pain perception of Visual Analog Scale (VAS), the strengthen of quadriceps femoral muscle (1 RM) and functional physic status of Western Ontario and McMaster Universities (WOMAC) Scale. This analysis was conducted used Mann Whitney test with SPSS software. Results: The intervention group improved their perceived pain symptoms, decreasedstiffness subscale, and increased of physical function subscale of WOMAC (all p<0.05). The femoral quadriceps strength and pain subscale of WOMAC were improved in both groups (p=0.0001). Conclusions: Isotonic exercise suplementation of hip abductor to isotonic exercise offemoralquadriceps provided additional benefits with respect to the perceived pain symptoms, decrease stiffness and increase physical function of patients with knee OA after three weeks of treatment.


Osteoarthritis, Isotonic Joint Abductor, Isotonic Femoral Quadriceps

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