The Factors of Product, Price, and Place toward the Satisfaction of Men of Reproductive Age in Performing Vasectomy Based on Kotler's Marketing Mix Theory

1Nafi Yoga Wiratama, Ni Ketut Alit Armini, Retnayu Pradanie


Background: The husband’s role in the contraceptive choice is highly crucial to determine the number of childrento have, and the age difference to have children. Kotler's marketing mix strategy is a method to assess the satisfaction of men onreproductive age, as vasectomy acceptors, toward the service.However, little attention has been paid to the correlation between product, price, and place factors toward the vasectomy users’ satisfaction. Purpose: This study aims to identify the product, price, and place factors toward vasectomy users’ satisfaction based on Kotler’s marketing mix. Method:The study design was a cross-sectional approach. The population was men of reproductive age, while the samples obtained were 25 respondents by employing a purposive sampling technique. The independent variables consisted of product, price, and place factors, while the dependent variable was the satisfaction of the vasectomy contraceptive users. The data were collected by employing questionnaires and analyzed using the Spearman’s rho with a significance level of α≤0.05. Results: The results suggested that there was no correlation of the product, price, and place factors with satisfaction with the correlation value as follows: product (p=0.074; r=0.251), price (p=0.074; r=- 0.363), and place (p=0.074; r=0.363). Conclusion:There is no significant correlation of product, price, and place with the satisfaction of men of reproductive age in performing a vasectomy because they worry about future uncertainties, costs, and transportation. These matters greatly influencethe respondents in filling out the questionnaires. Future research is required to assist in the study.


MmarketingMix, Vasectomy, Pproduct, Price, Place

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