The Environment and Journalists Challenges on Reporting Financial Corruption in Sudan

11Yassin Bashir Hamid, Abbas Ramdani


Media could have an effective role in curbing corruption, when there is access to information, having the freedom of expression and a professional and ethical code of investigative journalism hence, the present study aims to identify the challenges facing journalists in reporting financial corruption in Sudan. The present study adopted a qualitative research method using in-depth interviews to adequately probe the perceptions of the Sudanese journalists and editors to explore how the challenges facing journalists such as censorship restrictive laws, economic pressures, and press freedom affected the Sudanese newspapers’ in framing the issues of corruption in Sudan. A purposeful sampling method was adopted in selecting 20 Sudanese journalists across both governmental and private newspapers operating in Sudan. In order to achieve clearer understandings of the journalists’ perspectives, the study adequately supported with a theme generated by means of employing NVivo 8 software. The findings revealed that, theme working environment influence on corruption with its secondary theme, such as transportation and facilities, security threat, economic pressures and political pressures. Additionally, the findings also generated theme and its five sub-themes which were later analyzed in detail subsequently.


Financial Corruption, Journalists Challenges, newspapers framing

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