Seroprevalence of Brucellosis from the city Mosul Iraq

11Ismail I Daood, 2Asdren Zajmi, 1Hanan Sami Nouri, 3Dr Ibtihal Husaien Al Jubory


Abstract---Background Brucellosis is a common neglected zoonotic disease transmitted from an animal reservoir to humans. Both, wildlife and domestic animals, contribute to the spreading of disease and it is endemic in most of Middle eastern countries including Iraq. Thus, brucellosis has negatively impacted the economy as well as livestock and health sectors. Aim: The aim of this study was to provide data on the seroprevalence of brucellosis and investigate the status and prevalence among gender, age groups, and to evaluate and compare the level of immunoglobulin classes IgG and IgM among the patients with brucellosis symptoms. Methods:A prospective cohort study was conducted among patients with brucellosis symptoms from July 2017 to June 2019 at city of Mosul in northern Iraq. Blood samples were collected randomly and aseptically from patients with brucellosis symptoms at Mosul General Hospital. Rose Bengal test (RBT) was used to measure the level of immunoglobulin classes IgG and IgM, as well as enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for sensitivity and specificity against brucellosis. Results:A total of 385 sera individuals suffering with clinical features suggestive of Brucellosis who had positive for RBT test appear 115 (29.9%) showed positive reaction in RBT. The study recorded the highest seroprevalence 28 (38.9%) in females while16 (23.1%) in male in 2017. But the highest 35 (34.6%) in female and 19(26%) in male in 2018. The highest seroprevalence 7(16.2%) in female, and 3(11.2%) in male in 2019.The study showed a higher seroprevalence 35 (34.3% ) was observed among the age group of (31- 40) year, then 34 (29.1%) , 28(28.2%) and 15(26.8%) among the age > 40 ,(21-30) and (11-20) year respectively. The study record from 30 serum positive by RBT were appear 17(56.6%) positive by ELISA, estimated sensitivity and specificity of the ELISA, RBT 69% and 59% respectively. Conclusion: In conclusion, the frequency of brucella complications varied between differentgenders and age groups in the city of Mosul, Iraq. Hence, systemic monitoring as well aseducating of population are necessary to prevent the (re)emergence of brucellosis and itscomplications.


Brucellosis, seroprevalence, prospective cohort study, clinical symptoms, Mosul, Iraq.

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