Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment on the Relationship between Internal Marketing and Marketing Performance

11Sunardi Sembiring Brahmana, 2Veronica Christina


The success of an organization in the face of competition lies in its ability to satisfy consumer needs in a way that is better than competitors. Organizations are required to be market oriented. To be market oriented, most organizations focus on how to boost and empowered their external marketing capabilities. However, some studies revealed that an organization’s external marketing capabilities depends on its internal marketing (IM) capabilities. Internal marketing capabilities related to the extent to which the organization can market itself to all individuals in the organization. This study is intended to examine whether organizational commitment mediates the relationship between IM and marketing performance of the Widyatama University (UTama), as seen from the perceptions of the lecturers. Data were obtained from 122 returned and processed questionnaires. This study found that: two dimensions of IM (vision and rewards) have positively and significantly effect marketing performance; two IM dimensions (development and rewards) have positively and significantly effect organizational commitment; one dimension of organizational commitment (affective commitment) has positively and significantly effect marketing performance; and finally, affective commitment was found to be partially mediated the relationship between vision and marketing performance.


Internal Marketing, Organizational Commitment, Marketing Performance.

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