Web of City or Province Natural Resources Using Geographic Information System-Base (GIS)

11Sukenda, 2Adie Amanillah


The creating of information media is purposed to inform users of information technology. Media-based information by using geographic information system (GIS) maps the natural resources in the region based on the structure of levels of information that can be provided to users. Natural resource information held in each city or province is accurately required by the community. This information is useful for other communities in improving the economy condition in the city or province. Natural resource information on the city or province geographic software is packaged in a web-based information system. Natural resource information city or province is purposed to boost the economy or the popularity of tourism in the city or province. The applications of geographic information system in the form of web-based software that can inform potential of cities or provinces--such as natural resources and tourist attractions--increase the people's income. The revenues increasing may encourage a progress for that particular city or the province. Geographic’s software development of web-based information system applies the data stream with the waterfall model and uses the tools of data flow diagram (DFD). While the programming tools uses php 5.0.4 combined with ajax programming languages, and database design data applies the relational model.


Potential Areas, GIS, Web, Income

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