Usability Web Analysis Using PSSUQ Method (Case Study on SME’s Websites Application Fostered of Dispora Bandung Indonesia)

11Sri Lestari, 2Samsul Bahri


The purpose of this paper is to examine the usability of some web that have been created through collaboration between Information System Department of Widyatama University Bandung Indonesia with Dispora Bandung City Indonesia. High usability levels are usually closely related to the popularity and high utilization of the system use to help the users. Usability were measured using the Post-study System Usability Questionnaire (PSSUQ) package, a questionnaire package released by IBM consisting of 19 items of measurement instruments using Likert scale. From 19 items questionnaires can be grouped into four PSSUQ responses, that is: system usability (SYSUSE), overall satisfaction score (OVERALL), information quality (INFOQUAL) and interface quality (INTERQUAL). The results of the study show that the SMEs web application in general can be well received by the user, both on the application made, the usability of the application that can help to promote SMEs products and the quality of the interface. The results of the study indicate that there needs to be improvements related to the quality of information in the catalog of products. Some additional features are also expected by users, such as chat facilities or forum, shopping charts , and downloads. This input is expected to improve the usability of web applications.


Usability, PSSUQ, Dispora, Bandung, Indonesia

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