The Effects of Mobile Service Quality and E-Recovery Service Quality on E-Satisfaction in Bukalapak Application Users

11Riski Taufik Hidayah, 2Muhammad Dzil Fadhli Tauwli, 3Nugraha Saefudin


The purpose of this study was to find out how much influence the quality of mobile-based services and the recovery of electronic services to the satisfaction of users of the Bukalapak trading application. The research uses descriptive methods and the method of verification with the population are consumers who have shopped with the Bukalapak buy and sell application represented by 200 respondents. The analytical method used is Rank Spearman correlation, coefficient of determination, and t test with a significance level of 5% with the use of IBM Statistics 24 SPSS software. The results showed that mobile service quality contributed to the effect of e-satisfaction by 60.84% and e recovery service quality contributed 43.03% to e-satisfaction. Some aspects that can be of concern are companies need to review and pay attention to speed in responding to complaints from consumers and allowance to users of the Bukalapak application as a sign of apology for the inconvenience of malfunctions of the application.


Mobile service quality, E-Recovery service, Satisfaction, Bukalapak.

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