Teaching Techniques in Teaching English Language: A Study of SMAN 24 Bandung, West Java

11Deden Novan Setiawan Nugraha, 2Eristy Minda Utami


The use of appropriate techniques in teaching is a significant factor that determines the success of learning. The choice of good teaching technique can encourage the students to learn well. In the implementing in the classroom, the use of technique in teaching is always related to the transfer of suitable materials that can interest and motivate students in learning English. The use of teaching technique is also related to the evaluation technique that is used to measure the efectiveness of trhe teaching speaking itself, and it can be proved by seeing the sudents ability in speaking English.The researcher tries to find out and described the teaching techniques used by the teacher of SMAN 24 Bandung in teaching speaking. Based on the data obtained, reseacher found out that there are some techniques that used by teachers. The teacher uses the techniques, material, and evaluation techniques that have been provided in the text books. The teaching used are role playing, story telling, games, group work, pair work, and retelling. The materials are taken from the text books and other sources.Based on the result of the research, reseacher concludes basically the English teacher have known the teaching techniques. However, in the classroom implementation, it seems to have further improvment. In usuning teaching materials, teacher only provided limited English text books. Teacher only use teaching sources available in the liblary and teacher its selft.


Teaching technique, Teaching speaking English, SMAN 24 bandung

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