The Effects of Motivation and Interpersonal Communication on Work Productivity Employees in Polytechnic 'X' Bandung, West Java

11Andi Budiawan, 2Anton Budi Santoso, 3Eriana Astuti, 4Mohd Haizam Mohd Saudi


The relatively low impulse arising from self-employment of employees to increase productivity, in the sense that they tend to wait for orders from the leadership. Extrinsic motivation is still poor extension to all employees within the meaning of motivation did not consider the level of heterogeneity that exists on the employee. This makes the indication of job that does not reach the target time, the number and quality or a predetermined quality. Frequent errors in carrying out the work, which shows the low effectiveness of the employee. According to provisional estimates the author of this was due to employee motivation in not growing well, besides motivating held leadership is not right when seen from motivational techniques, as well as internal communication has not worked as expected. It is, if not addressed will influence / resulted in employee productivity decline may be a result of a delay in the achievement of an organization. Based on this phenomenon the authors were interested to study and further research. The method used in this research is descriptive research method that provides an overview or affirmation of a concept, danmenjawab symptoms and answer questions regarding the status of the study subjects. Methods This descriptive study is associative. namely a study looking for a relationship between one variable to another variable. This research was conducted at the Polytechnic 'X' Bandung. As for research and observations carried out from June to November 2018. The study population is the entire Employee Polytechnic "X" which amounted Engineering samples used in this study is saturated sampling techniques and data analysis is a technique using multiple linear regression analysis using SPSS version 18.From the whole description in the discussion, it was discovered the fact that employee motivation and Interpersonal Communication Polytechnic 'X' Bandung in outline has been as expected and has been running optimally. Similarly, for a variable number of interpretation productivity score of 4.42 which is the category of Very High. It can be concluded in employee productivity has gone well.Based on regression analysis turned out to be both the independent variables significantly affect the productivity of pegawi either partially or simultaneously, Based on the analysis appropriate calculation of Pearson correlation coefficient (R) obtained a yield of 0.887 means that the relationship between motivation and interpersonal communication with employee productivity is very tight and strong. Through R Square (R2) of 0.638. or it can be said that the magnitude of the coefficient of determination (KD) amounted to 78.70% means that 78.70% Employee productivity is influenced by variables Motivation and Communication and the remaining 21.30% influenced by other factors not examined in this study.


Motivation, Interpersonal communication and work productivity

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