The Usage of Information System as the Determinant of Successful Implementation of Business Model in Construction Project Based: A Study of Construction Companies in Indonesia

11Agus Suroso, 2Endang Siti Astuti, 3Hamidah Nayati Utami, 4Zainul Arifin


The success business model in construction project become interesting topic to be investigated by the researcher mainly due to the fact that the failure of the construction companies are rampant. The main problem that has been found form this research is that opinion of the user in Information System (IS) contribution is significant to the projects’ success. Therefore, the objective of this research is to investigate the significant effect of IS towards the projects’ success through individual and organization. The variable of this research consists of system quality, information quality, intention to use, user satisfaction and individual impact. All variable was linked and analysed by using Smart PLS3 to investigate the validity, reliability, direct and indirect effect. The result showed that all variables and indicators have valid that indicated by loading factor and AVE value higher than 0.5. Direct effect analysis have CR value higher that t-table (2.00) and indirect effect has t-stat higher than t-table. Its mean that all variables and indicator of this research were significant or have a positive effect between variables. This research proved that the usage of the information system contribute significantly towards the successfulness of the implementation of the business model in the construction companies particularly in West Java, Indonesia.


Construction companies, Business model

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