Elements of Augmented Reality Application Design in Teaching and Learning Process

1Fadila Zuraida Mohd Nor and Fazlinda Ab Halim


In this study, the purpose is to identify the elements of Augmented Reality (AR) application design for analysis phase to develop AR application. Information and communication technology has acquired numerous advantages in all areas of organization in every country such as in education field. AR application has been utilized in many field such as in innovation using technology for teaching and learning process but there is still lack of knowledge, skills and devices in its operation. AR is an application that consolidates virtual objects and real objects in real life to attract students using AR applications.AR application utilizing fascinating introduction systems using interesting presentation techniques such as displaying 3D objects, audio, video and animation by simply scanning the smartphone camera towards a particular picture that has been structured. Therefore, the methodology research is based on past reading and literature studies by using document analysis. At the end of the study, there are several main element were found in this research which is multimedia, device, student and social elements that can be use in design phase analysis of AR applications.


Provide Augmented Reality, Education, Element, AR Application, Document Analysis.

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