Students’s Civic Disposition through Learning Civics and Pedagogical Competences of High School Teachers

1Apeles L. Lonto


This paper contains research on the influence of Civics teaching and pedagogical competence of teachers to the development of students' civic dispositions. The main problem in this research is: Do Civics learning and pedagogical competence of teachers influence the development of civic dispositions of students in SMA Negeri 1 Kawangkoan. The data were obtained through a questionnaire distributed to 60 students. This research also involves data collection and analysis of quantitative data. The study found that: First, Civics Learning has positive influence on Civic disposition of Students in SMAN 1 Kawangkoan which means that through civics learning student could develop their Civic Dispositions. Second, teachers' pedagogic competence has positive effect on Civic disposition of students SMAN 1 Kawangkoan. It means that the better the pedagogical competence of teachers, the higher the students’ Civic dispositions. Third, Civics Learning and pedagogical competence of teachers jointly have positive effect on Civic dispositions Students SMAN 1 Kawangkoan. It means that through Civics teaching materials studied by students and pedagogical competence of teachers, Civic disposition of students is higher. Thus, this study recommends further research on other civic competences.


Civic Disposition, Learning Civics, Pedagogical Competence, Teachers.

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