The Roles of Brand Attributes towards Green Purchase Intention

1Taufiq Immawan*, Muhammad Ridwan Andi Purnomo, Sri Indrawati and Desi Nur Hana Kurnia


The quantitative research is aimed to investigate the relationship between non-product related attributes of green marketing on green purchase intention in one of the well-known coffee shop in the world. Green marketing has become a trend in every country. The trend of shifting consumer’s consumption patterns from consuming conventional products to organic products has become an interesting phenomenon today. The concern of consumer to green marketing has increased since the rising level of consumer awareness towards green products. In this research, there are three independent variables and one dependent variable involved. The independent variables come from non-product related attributes, which are green price, green packaging, and user imagery, while the dependent variable green purchase intention. By spreading online questionnaires, the data is collected from 155 respondents aged above 18 years old in Yogyakarta who have known or visited the company. The analysis is performed through Structural Equation Model (SEM) method with IBM AMOS 22 and SPSS software. The findings confirmed that green price and green packaging significantly influence the green purchase intention. The result shows that green price has the highest influence towards green purchase intention followed by green packaging.


Green Price, Green Packaging, User Imagery, Green Purchase Intention.

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