“User Generated Reviews and Business Promotions”

1J.S. Ravikumar, T. Narayana Reddy and Syed Mohammad Ghouse


User-generated reviews are a significant motivating force overdue specific the foremost websites, like Amazon, Facebook and Trip Advisor. The user generated reviews are nothing but, rating and review. These ratings & reviews have been presented to influence buying decisions and quantity, together in the perspective of goods and services. User-generated review is a unique way to advertise how your brand stuffs. Besides, product promotion joined with UGR is an opportunity for online commercials to associate with customers and yield profits. By the constant growth of social media and Google’s durable process, quality review of customers will perform essential role in the actions of virtually of some companies seeking to stimulus the web as an efficient marketing and communications network. By analyzing the reviews, some companies make a strategy to promote their product from the reviews of the product which are online generated. If the product from a brand gets an extensive response, the other products may not get more sales. So the company tends to stop the existing products and plan an effective promotion for the unpopular products by comparing issues in both products which got more sales and fewer sales. In this research, we propose about how the User-Generated Reviews are impacted on promotion of any products. The analysis of issues the user generated reviews are considered for the further development.


User-generated reviews, Promotion, Sales, Ratings & Reviews.

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