The Implementation of Rural Tourism Development Policy at Kampung Adat Cireundeu

1Emi Rachmawati, Rannie Dyah Khatamisari Rachaju, Dina Alamianti and Ero Suhara


Adat village as nation’s asset, can be develop as a tourism potential that nurtures from local wisdom. Its development is depending on dynamic dimension growth that attract domestic and international tourists. The development management on rural tourism, with a particular and intense local wisdom, must be maintained by qualified human resources, that capable in regulating local wisdom with information technology development. Therefore, this research aim to analyze and comprehend the rural tourism development’s policy implementation at Kampung Adat Cireundeu. The impediment factor and subsidiary factors, as well as the chairman of culture, tourism, youth, and sports department, effort in rural tourism policy implementation. This research used qualitative method. Thus, data were obtained through participant observation, in-depth interviews and documentation. The Miles and Huberman model used as data analysis technique. This research concludes that policy implementation of rural tourism at Kampung Adat Cireundeu, have several impediment factors, such as the constraints of infrastructure development, undeveloped tourism attractions package and networking cooperation. The subsidiary factors are not well managed. But not to eliminate the efforts on overcoming the barriers in policy implementation that apprehend the development of rural tourism that being advance at the moment.


Policy Implementation, Rural Tourism Development, Local Wisdom

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