The River Conservation for Environmental Preservation in Juristical Perspective

1Endang Sutrisno*, Taty Sugiarti and Iis Isnaeni Nurwanty


The river conservation become a challenge to human life nowadays, river is a place where water has right to flow thereforethe environmental conditions must be maintained.In a certain context, Indonesian public’s perception making the river as an inevitable target in economy-social needs fulfilment. This study uses a normative juridical approach, based on the legal norms of government regulation number 35 of 1991 applied about River and regulation number 32 of 2009 concerning Environment’s protection and management,by researching the relation between positive law and reality in the community. The damaged of the quality of river environment conditionhave an impact to all component of life structure in the river area, it must be avoided, considered the alternative use of legal instrument to build disciplin. The environment issue at the developing country such as Indonesia caused by efforts to maximize natural resources to fulfil community economic needs. Poverty becomes one factors causing the degradation of quality of river’s environment, this reflects economic penetration take effect so much into law dimension.The efforts used to maintain the quality of river conditions through law enforcement processes, and also to coordinate the institutional function through supervision so that the preservation of the river’s environment is maintained.


River’s Conservation, Environment Quality, Poverty

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