Tribal Welfare and Development Schemes – Impact on the Scheduled Tribes of Sittheri Hills Dharmapuri District in Tamilnadu

1N. Sanjaigandhi, Dr.B. Revathy


Most of the areas occupied by the tribes are remote and immature. There are countless constraints dependable for minor pace of tribal development process than desired. The Tribals have been given many rights and concessions under different statutes of central as well as State Governments but they remain deprived of the benefits arising out of such constitutional provisions due to their unawareness and indifference of enforcing agencies. The tribal people are unaware about various developmental programmes launched by Government of India and States, therefore reluctant in their use. In malice of the labors made by the Government, the reimbursements are not disbursed to the really deprived poor people. The basic difficulty is not of the shortage of income but that of misconduct. The multiplicity of the agencies which transport out these programmes has compounded the difficulty. Many times they are not able to organize their efforts or fail to follow up the programmes over a longer extent. Against this environment, the study reviews the impact of different developmental programmes of the Central and the State Governments on the Scheduled Tribes of Sittheri Hills Dharmapuri District in Tamilnadu


Tribal People, Rural Development, Scheduled Tribes, Developmental programmes

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