Red Betel Leaf (Piper crocatum) Tea Efication in Overcoming Leucorhea

1Tuti Sukini, Arfiana, Bekti Yuniyanti, Munayarokh, Nuril Nikmawati


Background: Woman’s reproductive health can not be separated with its intimate organ. If not carefully maintained, it can be disturbed the balance, one symptoms of the disruption isleucorrhea. More than 75% of adult women have experienced leucorrhea throughout their life cycle, and 45% of them may experience leukorrhea 2 times or more.According to WHO, 65% population of developed countries and 80% population of developing countries have been using herbal medicine as traditional medicine. WHO’s support towards the concept back to nature is proved by the existence recommendation of using traditional medicine, including herbs. Red Betel Leaf (Piper crocatum) ) is one of the traditional ingredient that has been already long used. Purpose: The purpose of this research is to analyze the efficacy of Red Betel Leaf (Piper crocatum) ) tea to resolve the symptoms of leuchorea. Methods: This research is a quantitative research with quasi experimental study design. The design used is two-group comparison posttest. The population of this research is all fertile women who experiencedleuchorrhea with a total sampling technique. It obtained a sample of 30 respondents. The data analysis test is using Chi Square. Results: The results showed p 0.006 (<0.05), and the value of OR 1.667 with a confidence interval 95%, it can be concluded that the H0 is rejected, it means that sitz bath with Red Betel Leaf (Piper crocatum) ) is effective in treating leuchorrhea. So, the combination of standart therapy and sitz bath with Red Betel Leaf (Piper crocatum) on fertile women with leuchorrhea is twice more effective to resolve leuchorrhea. Conclusion: This researchis expected that sitz bath of Red Betel Leaf (Piper crocatum) ) can be used as a complementary therapy to resolve leuchorrhea in fertile women.


Red Betel Leaf (Piper crocatum) ), Leuchorea

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