Prediction of Playing Ability of Tamil Nadu Handball Players in Relation to their Motor Ability and Kinthropometric Variables of Handball Players

1Mr.K. Kathiresan, Mr A. Suman Kumar, Dr. T.P. Yokesh


The purpose of the study is to find out the Prediction of playing ability of Tamil Nadu handball players in relation to their motor ability and kinthropometric Variables of handball players. Total 120 subjects are selected randomly from Tamil Nadu. In the modern world. The individual characteristics may include any think pertaining to the need of the game and in case of handball the motor ability and anthropometric variables have no place and match for higher a many the individual characteristics each individual or team which participate in any sports events wants to win because society attract great significance of winning. Handball being a running dribbled game and the game gained popularly and spread all over the world and having a various fundamental skills needs the factors which relate to the development of health and increase functional capacity of the body and its contributes in the successful performance of fundamentals skills in handball . This will also helpful in general develop means of handball players and the game of handball. The results of the study set a general trend of the improvements in overall handball playing ability according to their level of competitions


Kinthropometric Variables, Fundamentals Skills, Motor Ability and Anthropometric Variables

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