Factors Influencing Banking Customers for Adopting Green Banking

1Mrs. Jeena Raju ; Dr. V. Sitharathasankar


Green Banking is also called as ethical banking. It helps to go green in banking activities like mobile banking, internet banking, Net banking and telephonic banking. It is also called as sustainable banking by reducing carbon footprint from the banking activities and helps to protect environment. Green banking was introduced in 2003 and SBI was the first commercial bank which introduced Green Banking strategy in India in the year 2007 to overcome global warming and climate change. Slowly from 2007 all other countries took over the concept of Green banking in their banking activities. The main aim of the study is to analyze various factors influencing banking Customers in adoption of green banking. The main factors included in the study is up gradation of new equipment’s, sufficient installation of machines, attitudes of Bankers customer in handling customers, educating customers in using Green banking. 9 variables are used in the study they are Banks are up - to - date with equipment & technology, banks has Sufficient number of ATM machines, Cash counting machines, Banking staff as “polite, friendly and cooperative, Token machines installed in banks, customers’ requests are handled promptly, banks provide instant solution for Problems faced by customers, Brochures to educate Customers online customer feedback services. 5 point Likert scale and Simple random sampling was used to collect the data. The total sample size collected is 100 Banking customers from Bangalore District.


Green Banking, Sustainable Banking, Factors Determining, Adoption of Green Banking

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