The role of classroom physical activity in developing some educational Dimensions for students of the primary stage (10-11) years

1mederres moustafa, hadj aissa rafik


Classroom physical activity is no less important than the rest of the subjects as it is necessary in the development of some important aspects of the student’s personality according to what this stage requires. Where it is considered an opportunity to express their abilities and skills and highlight their talents, which is not achieved in the rest of the subjects that are characterized by monotony and limited space, the current quantitative study aims to know the role of classroom physical activity in developing educational dimensions for students of the primary stage (10-11) years , where we relied on the descriptive analytical method for its suitability to the nature of the study, and a questionnaire was designed and distributed to two stages. The first was exploratory, while the second was basic and included an intended sample consisting of students of the fifth primary stage (10-11) years in the province of Tissemsilt, The data were analyzed statistically using descriptive percentages enhanced by the coefficient of good-matching ca2 as well as calculating the stability coefficient by two methods of testing and re-testing and the alpha-Crow-Nbach coefficient. The study indicated that there are 10 statistical functions and 02 non-statistical ones, So, the classroom physical activity has a role in developing some educational dimensions for the students of the primary stage (10-11), In addition to raising awareness of the importance of this activity in creating social relationships among children, the researchers recommended the necessity of revealing the students' attitudes on the part of the teachers, in order to enhance positive trends and change negative one


classroom physical activity, educational dimensions, primary school students.

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