The development of ecotourism and ways to sustain it (The million visits to the Holy Karbala as a model)

1Adnan Mohammed Dabbagh


The most important reason for the emergence of ecotourism at the present time is the rapid development witnessed by the global tourism movement and the emergence of mass tourism, which led to the emergence of a large number of environmental and social negatives in most countries of the world, which resulted in an urgent need for the emergence of other forms of tourism as an alternative to traditional tourism that affects the environment this means that eco - tourism is an alternative first tourism and leave g in marginal areas, secondly, environmental tourism is not a new kind of known tourism but the ideas of a group and broad lines all aimed at maintaining the tourist and cultural components and the archeological and natural with all the elements of her according to a plan long - term strategy. Therefore, an urgent need to do a field study to find out the reality of the environmental tourism in Karbala because of its religious and cultural legacy frequented by millions of visitors each year and because of the huge number of great importance, the researcher doing a field study to learn about the reality of the visits of millions and the failure of the negative effects on the environment natural axis core of this study is to investigate the changes that have occurred due to bi h of after 2003 and the T a Kid on sustainability factors and development so the work of the researcher to identify goods yen for various tourism sectors inside and outside Iraq for the purpose of access to the analysis of the results and choose the health of hypotheses to get the most important conclusions Then he made recommendations aimed at developing environmental tourism in Holy Karbala, especially the million visits.


development, tourism, the environment, the Astdam of, visits millions, Karbala

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