Family Climate and Peer Pressure as Predictors of Academic Achievement Motivation of Secondary School Students in Enugu State, Nigeria

1Juliet Ogo Egbo, Joachim C. Omeje, Bartholomew C. Nwefuru


<em>This study investigated family climates and peer pressure as correlates of students’ academic achievement motivation in public secondary schools in Agbani Education zone, Enugu State. The study adopted correlational design. The population of the study comprised 8086 students in public secondary schools in Agbani Education zone, Enugu State. The sample for the study comprised 480 students in public secondary schools drawn using multistage sampling techniques. The instruments used for collecting data for the study were questionnaires viz: Family Climate Questionnaire (FCQ), Peer Pressure Questionnaire (PPQ) and Academic Achievement Motivation Questionnaire (AAMQ). The instruments were validated by two experts in the field of Guidance Counselling and one in Measurement and Evaluation. A trial test of the instrument was conducted, and the reliability of the instrument was computed using Cronbach Alpha method. The direct delivery and retrieval method was used in administering the questionnaire. The research questions and hypotheses were analyzed using Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient and simple linear regression. The study's findings revealed that students were influenced by peer pressure in their academic achievement motivation in Agbani Education Zone in Enugu State. Recommendations were made, which include that the state government through the state ministry of education, should collaborate with school principals and school guidance counsellors to organize orientation on the influence of peers on academic achievement motivation of students.</em>


Family Climate, Peer Pressure, Academic Achievement Motivation, Secondary School Students

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