International franchise and the possibility to invest in the Iraqi environment (Review)

1Zainab Sabah faraj


There are many restrictions that affect the entrepreneur's decision, including restrictions on outsourcing production or distribution, restrictions on expanding the value chain and global competition facing the company, franchising is one of the most popular methods of entering new markets and expanding them with the lowest risk and cost, due to that Franchisee obtaining vital information about consumer habits and cultures in the local market (Farooq, et al., 2020) Franchising emerged as a legal and marketing term in 1986 when the Singer Company created a network of sewing machine sellers (Varotto & Aureliano-Silva, 2017) Franchise in the Middle East is gaining a prominent position within the rapidly economic diversification undertaken by the Arab oil exporting countries (Nasri, Collazzo, & Welsh, 2020) But Iraq may not be attractive to franchising due to economic, security and political challenges, This study aims to explain the main challenges that limit franchising in the Iraqi environment and what are the advantages and reforms needed to remove this challenges, and on this we formulate the research question: How can franchising be invested in the Iraqi environment? This study contributes to demonstrating international franchising in the context of the Iraqi environment due to the focus of most of the previous literature on Western environments, and the study also contributes to identifying the causes of foreign investment fear of going to the Iraqi business environment.


entrepreneur, franchising, new markets

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