Evaluation of the Relationship between Health Education and Health Development Curriculum of the First High School with Professional Qualification of Teachers and Based on Health System Indicators

1Hossain Amini*, Farshideh Zameni, Vahid Fallah


Health education and health promotion is accepted as an individual and social value and an undeniable necessity in every society. According to the statutes of the World Health Organization, all educational and health organizations are obliged to strive to spread it. This important point has been mentioned and in order to implement it, by compiling health and health promotion courses in different educational courses, especially junior high school, efforts have been made to give the necessary training to students and to take necessary measures to achieve a healthy, dynamic and lively society. The purpose of this study was to design a model of health education and health development curriculum for junior high school based on the indicators of the health system and the document of fundamental change in education. The research method was descriptive correlation, field data collection method and interview data collection tool and questionnaire. The statistical population in this study was all professors and curriculum specialists. Purposeful sampling method was used to select a sample from among the specialists and 15 people were selected as a statistical sample considering the saturation law. The researcher faced data saturation after the twelfth interview, but to ensure the adequacy of the data, the interview process continued until the fifteenth person. Therefore, the statistical sample in this section is 15 people. Based on the research results, it can be said that the four main themes of "purpose", "content", "teaching method", and "evaluation" as dimensions of health education and health development curriculum in junior high school based on the indicators of the health system with emphasis on The components of the document of fundamental change in education were identified. The results also showed that the variables of purpose, content, teaching method, and evaluation in explaining the model of health education and health development curriculum of the first year of high school based on health system indicators with emphasis on components. The document is a fundamental transformation of effective education. So that the target variable was in the first priority, the content variable was in the second priority, the teaching method variable was in the third priority and the evaluation variable was in the final priority.


design, curriculum model, health education, health development, junior high school.

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