Health Promotion Model for the Elderly in Flood with a mudslide area in Thailand

1Prapaporn Muangkaew, Somsak Thojampa


Introduction: The health problems of the elderly that will be a contributing factor to the illness and the deterioration of the body Objective: This research aimed to study a health promotion model for the elderly in flood area with a mudslide at Uttaradit Province, Thailand. Methodology: The first stage of the study involved an aging population aged 60 year and overof 62 people experienced in a mudslide of 2006, who completed a structured interview based on the health promotion behaviors (HPBs). In addition, twelve participants formed a focus group to explore in detail on the HPBs. Based on the results of the structured interviewing and focus group discussions a Health Promotion Model (HPM) was developed on the second stage of the study.The third stage, The HPM was implementedamong the aging participants.During the third stage,qualitative and quantitative methods were used to test the success of the HPM for the elderly in flood area with mudslide. Results: showed that HPBs was at a high level, but the dimension of activity and exercise,and mental development were at a moderate level and the participants were not concerned about the importance of HPBs, and did not take positive action towards HPBs and still remembering the past, the flood 10 years ago which no impact to their life. Conclusion: this study suggested that the effectiveness of this Health Promotion Model is to be encouraged to promote sustainable the HPBs of eldery.


Health Promotion Model, Elderly, Flood area, Mudslide

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