Analysis of the Delay Factors of Construction Projects in North Aceh District

1Muhammad Derry Safrizal, Anita Rauzana, Muttaqin Hasan


The performance of a project will not work well if supervision and control are not carried out, then delays will be made in the process of completing a project. Delay in project work has a variety of causes whether it is caused by the negligence of humans or it occurs due to natural factors. Delay in implementation will effect new problems in the project work process, one of the problems is the increasing project implementation costs. The purpose of this study was to analyse the factors that caused the delay in the implementation of the project and to investigate the effects on costs realized in North Aceh. This research method used quantitative and qualitative methods through observation methods by asking questions to the parties that contributed to the Construction Services Development Institute (LPJK). Based on data from LPJK in 2018 the number of contractors domiciled in North Aceh Regency were 83 contractors who qualified K3, M1, M2, B1 and B2. Thus the population is less than 100, therefore the samples/respondents taken in this study were all populations, namely 83 contracting companies domiciled in North Aceh Regency. The variables in this study consist of 2 variables, namely the independent variable / variable X was the causes of Project Delay, and the required variable / Y variable was the Project Cost. The results of this study are based on the analysis of the ordinal logistic regression equation of work design and planning factors, implementation and work relations, material, labour, equipment, field conditions, and beyond the abilities of the contractors that significantly influenced project costs


analysis, delay, factors, construction, projects, aceh district

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IssueSpecial Issue 2

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