Combination of Azolla microphylla Extract with Urea Fertilizer On Growth and Production of Pakchoy Plant (Brassica rapa L)

1Sriutami Lestari, Rico Febriansyah, Asgami Putri, M. Nazaruddin


Azolla microphylla extract has a high enough N content which is good for increasing vegetable production. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect and get the best combination dose between Azolla microphylla extract and urea fertilizer on growth and production in pakchoy plants (Brassica rapa L). The study was conducted experimentally with a non-factorial Complete Randomized Design with 5 treatments and 4 replications so that there were 20 experimental units. each Unit consists of 4 plants and 2 plants as samples: A0 = Control (without treatment), A1 = Azolla mycrophylla extract 100 ml / l water / plot + 25% Urea (0.25 g / plant), A2 = Azolla mycrophylla extract 80 ml / l water / plot + 50% Urea (0.5 g / plant), A3 = Azolla mycrophylla Extract 60 ml / l water / plot + 75% Urea (0.75 g / plant), A4 = Azolla mycrophylla Extract 40 ml / l water / plot + 100% urea (1 g / plant). Based on the results of research that has been carried out that is the combination of Azolla mycrophylla extract with urea fertilizer on the growth and production of pakchoy plants (Brassica rapa L) can be concluded: The administration of Azolla microphylla extract and urea has a significant effect on the parameters of plant height, stem diameter, number of leaves, weight fresh, heavy consumption and dry weight of pakchoy plants (Brassica rapa L), A3 treatment that is by giving Azolla microphylla extract 60 ml / l water + Urea 0.75 g / plant is the best result on the growth and development of pakchoy plants (Brassica rapa L)


combination, azolla, microphylla fertilizer, growth, production, pakchoy plant

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IssueSpecial Issue 2

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